February 01, 2024


Peace and Wisdom

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Marie Chapian
Peace and Wisdom
Quiet Prayer Christian Meditation
Peace and Wisdom

Feb 01 2024 | 00:17:10


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Those seeking peace will find it, you are in the right place at the right time.
Rest assured. Rest your mind.

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[00:00:18] Speaker A: This is your time to be alone with God. Welcome you to your quiet prayer. It's a special time right now because you showed up. He knows that. And he's been here in the silence waiting for. [00:01:02] Speaker B: You. [00:01:05] Speaker A: It's in silence. You find him. And you're here now to sit in the stillness of his presence and allow him to speak to your soul and your heart without words. [00:01:39] Speaker B: You. You. [00:01:42] Speaker A: I invite you to gently close your eyes. And as you take a nice deep breath, allow your shoulders to relax, just to slump. Allow the muscles of your face to relax. Your jaw to be loose. No tension. No tension in your body anywhere. Your arms, heart, peace. Your hands just gently still. Your spine, your stomach, pelvis, your thighs, all at rest and quiet. Your knees, quiet. No tension. Your legs, down to your tippy toes are absolutely still. All is quiet. And in the stillness, I invite you to take now a nice deep breath again and breathing out into the peace that God loves to give. You are born for this peace. You are not born for the turmoil of the world to capture you in its stress and busyness. And hurry. So right now, as you take another nice deep breath, you drop from this sacred space and this sacred time. Right now, all cares. Right now, in these moments, you have nowhere to go. You have nothing to do. Nothing. Absolutely nothing to do. All troubles fall away. Troubles of the world fall away from your thinking. Right now, gone. When you are still like this, in the presence of God, there is no stress. He has told you, my yoke is easy. My burden is light. He says, so cast everything on me. Let me carry it, says Jesus. Let me take it from you. I paid for your peace. It's yours. It's yours. Remember your sacred word. Now, when those busy thoughts come flying through your mind, silently repeat your sacred word, which can be a Bible verse or a single word can be holy spirit. It can be Jesus Christ. It can be anything. You choose to still your mind. And by doing that, you're telling the busy thought, not now. I'm not thinking that now. I am now alone with God, silent and still and loving it. He loves me. I recognize he loves me. I am loved with an eternal love. He will never, never leave me. And as I sit alone with him now, he sits alone with me. Yes, dear one, he's alone with you. And so happy you showed up. Breathe in the beauty of this moment. Breathe in deeply and breathe out all of the tightness of your body. Yes, all stress is gone right here. And the Lord Jesus is showing you that you can live in this peace, intimate with him and his love for you're. [00:10:00] Speaker B: You. [00:10:03] Speaker A: Take another nice, long, deep breath. And as you breathe in, breathe in the presence of God, deep into your body, your mind, your soul, into your eyes, into your ears, your nose, into your hands, your arms. Breathe his presence into your feet, your legs, your torso, all of your inner organs, your spine. His presence, God in you, the hope of glory. Sitting alone with him like this, breathing in his presence is wise. You're wise in his presence. [00:11:44] Speaker B: You. [00:11:47] Speaker A: Proverbs 216 says that the Lord gives wisdom from his mouth and knowledge and understanding as you choose to give him permission to the way you think. [00:12:31] Speaker B: It. [00:12:32] Speaker A: Proverbs 1616 says that to get wisdom is better than getting gold and silver. Oh, you know, there's a lot of noise in the world and there's no wisdom in it right now. [00:13:06] Speaker B: In the. [00:13:07] Speaker A: Silence, alone with God, the peace of God that passes, all understanding is yours. And you see, he says that he gives you that understanding that's beyond you. Where does he give it to you and win in silence. You showed up. You showed up today for your quiet prayer where he waits to bless you in silence wordlessly. He is beyond words. You know, wisdom is beyond what our carnal minds can do. The wisdom of God, the peace of God. You see, right now you are choosing to be wise and enter into the arms of peace. Give yourself permission now you you to restore and remember these moments later in the day. Remember what it was like to be silent and still, to sense his closeness. He loves this closeness. He tells us that. He tells us, be still and know that I am God. In quietness is your confidence. He tells you during the day. Remember his voice. Remember how he loves to give himself to. You're raving nice and deep and still. And thank you for sharing these moments. I'm Marie Chapion and I look forward to our next time together here in stillness, in quiet prayer.

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