February 14, 2024


9-Minute Quiet Prayer

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Marie Chapian
9-Minute Quiet Prayer
Quiet Prayer Christian Meditation
9-Minute Quiet Prayer

Feb 14 2024 | 00:09:08


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Sometimes 9-Minutes of uninterrupted time is just what you need!

Take the moments to bring you peace and fill your soul

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Episode Transcript

[00:00:15] Welcome to your quiet prayer. [00:00:23] This is your time set apart just for you and for God. [00:00:36] Gently allow your body and mind now to be at rest. [00:00:47] This is your invitation to the Holy Spirit to capture the restlessness of your soul to bring you his peace, the peace you were born to know. [00:01:10] You were born for intimacy with God. [00:01:17] And these precious moments of silence make room for God to work in your heart and in your soul without words, as your focus is set on God. Now, in silence, you're inviting the Holy Spirit to breathe new life into your soul. [00:01:56] There will be during these precious set apart times together in quiet prayer, mind wandering and many busy, busy mind business. [00:02:12] Mind clutter, we call it. [00:02:16] And so I invite you to create a sacred word, can be one word, two words, a Bible verse, the name of God. Jesus. [00:02:31] And when these thoughts come flying through your mind, these intrusive, busy thoughts speak the sacred word you've chosen in silence and brush away the thought. [00:02:50] Your sacred word becomes like a broom brushing away. Not now. I'm not having that thought now. [00:02:58] Maybe later. [00:03:01] And return to your focus, your silence, your stillness, where God livest. Your focus on God may take the shape of a bright light or even of complete blankness, but you know, you know how you will be seeing God. [00:03:48] In your quiet prayer, I invite you to take a nice, long, deep breath now. [00:04:02] Quiet down that busy mind. [00:04:11] God does the work of filling your spirit with his spirit right now in a special way, deep and intimate, without words. [00:04:30] All of your plans now in these moments fall away. [00:04:35] These moments contain no needs or wants. [00:04:41] You have no desires or hurts or worries, fears, troubles, even the troubles of the world fall away. Right now in quiet prayer, there is nothing but you and God. [00:05:04] I love you with an everlasting love. [00:05:08] He tells you in Jeremiah 31 three. He says, I'm drawing you with love. [00:05:21] There are no rules here. [00:05:25] There's no fault. Finding you have no faults, nothing is wrong, nothing. [00:05:36] All is good. [00:05:42] Remember your sacred word to brush away the battalion of thoughts. [00:06:00] God is talking to your soul right now in silence. [00:06:08] Recognize and sense his presence. [00:06:19] But without words, your eyes are gently closed and you breathe in again, nice and deep. [00:06:35] And as you breathe out, allow your body to completely relax. Your shoulders are at peace right now. [00:06:47] Your head and your neck, your jaw just is loose. [00:06:57] Your entire body is at peaceful. As you continue to breathe nice and slow. [00:07:15] You are one with God, just you and he alone. [00:07:53] Take these beautiful moments with you in your day, in your night. [00:08:01] See yourself as the wonderful, beautiful human being that God sees you as, and come back again for quiet prayer and.

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